Ahmadi Machine Building

Manufacturer of various types of cellulose industry and tissue paper machine

About us

35 years of experience

This group with more than 35 years of experience in the field of making cellulose industries has tried to keep up with top companies of the same field in the world without increasing the price and reducing the manpower.

our customers

We have been proud to work with the largest Iranian cellulos manufacturers and their satisfaction

Bita - Shokuh - Narmeh - Harir - Nastaran - Nazgol

Warranty and Support

All products have a minimum one year warranty And all parts are designed and built in the package and the spare parts are available. The technical support unit is always responsive.

Creative and Flexible

Many of our products have been produced for the first time in Iran. Like the breadcrumbs and puncture pointing handles that feature Bleaching the handkerchief This industrial group always welcomes new ideas and our products are upgraded to the world of science.

Upcoming projects

Making a fully automated packaging machine for toilet paper in the continuation of the previous production line

Fully automated packing machine for 200 sheet napkin with nylon wrap


  • Complete and free training with each product
  • Free installation in all parts of the country
  • Technical support is always responsive
  • Persian operation panel and so easy operation
  • Customization of the product as needed

our customers