fully automatic Toilet Paper Cutting Machine

دستگاه تولید دستمال توالتی و حوله

fully automatic Toilet Paper Cutting Machine and log saw:


Ahmadi industrial group was the first in the middle east that produced a machine which in addition to fully automated and uninterrupted production has the ability to produce thick napkin.

This machine has designed by the most modern technology in the world and demands for this kind of products are increasing because of The effect of thickness on absorption and customer expectations.

  • Capacity : 72 cuts per minute
  •  Circular blade with a diameter of 61 cm
  •  Automatic blade grinding system
  •  High precision engine
  •  قابلیت اضافه شدن جلوی ماشین پوینت تو پوینت
  •  Automatic edge-trimming

More details:

  • Useful width : 132 cm and more
  • Having Ability to produce point to point double, triple and four-layer napkins
  • Full automatic operation which has Plc
  • Automatic gluing for the first and last sheet
  • The power of main gearbox engine:5/7 horsepower
  • 6 number of supplementary gearbox engine
  • Production capacity:30 twin toilet paper per minute


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  1. سید حسین مرادی
    سید حسین مرادی says:

    سلام دستگاه تولید دستمال کاغذی و خط تولید چه قیمتی دارد لطفا ایمیل کنید با تشکر

    • حامدالله
      حامدالله says:

      سلام این دستگاه چه قیمت دارد لطفا
      ایمل نماید.
      میخواهیم این دستگاه را به افغانستان وارد کنیم، تشکر


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