35 years of experience in making cellulose industries

Using the most advanced technology

Adoption of new designs and ideas

Collaboration with the largest cellulosic manufacturers of middle east.

This industrial group with more than thirty years of experience in the field of making cellulose industries has tried to keep up with top companies of the same field in the world without increasing the price and reducing the manpower.


The distinction between our products and other big companies:

  • All parts are designed and built in and the spare parts are always available.
  • Persian operation panel and so easy operation
  • Complete and free training with each product
  • Installation of machinery in all countries
  • Strong Technical support to solve all of the operator's problems
  • Very reasonable price
  • Less space required


The distinction between our products and other iranian companies:

  • Technology and high production volume
  • variety of products
  • Customization of the product according to the manufacturer's requirements